Isn’t lovely when the sun is relieving his warmth into your eyelids whispering to you to get up and make a coffee and start a new day with a new journey, a new story to tell. Then you listen to him, you take his shirt and keep it slightly unbuttoned and dance like a young ballerina to the kitchen to prepare the energy breakfast.

Stop wishing, if you want it just do it! I know it sounds like the Nike commercial, but it’s been proven a very good point, just do it! You don’t need sports clothes from them to do it, you need to sit and have a coffee with your heart. Once in a while, invite her to some heart to mind confessions, she needs that more than you. Listen to her, she is right most of the times. Ask her if she is fine, what does she want and most important if she is happy. If she is happy then she is having all that she wants.

Meanwhile keep on his shirt, his arms are deeply tattooed in cotton, so at least a night you can handle it. Try not to lose a button, it will be really difficult to find a replacement. As humans, we are irreplaceable. Of course there are millions of buttons in the world, bigger, smaller, brighter, darker, you like them all, but only one will fit that shirt, only one will complete the buttoned street at the edge of the shirt.

Wear your unbuttoned shirt of love
Leave the cheers to float above,
And as a spare keep a hidden smile
Beneath the love pile,
When a button will be lost
Don’t let your heart to frost
Get that smile from your pocket
And speed your love like a rocket!

So once you have started to wear that shirt, sew some strength around the perfectly round shaped buttons to make sure you won’t crack the street. It is always best to prevent than to treat.
Enjoy your coffee!

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