Once upon another time there was you sipping a cold coffee in a very summer-ish morning asking yourself where the hell is your prince. Why can’t you just get your happy ending? Wrong question my darling. In fact do you really need a prince? Do you really want a fairy tale? Those tales live inside us as much as our kiddo does, so as long as you are happy you will have your fairy tale. And why would you wish for a happy ending instead of wishing for „happy” every day. You will never know how your ending would be. Just live your happiness as everyday is your ending.

Happiness starts with you, with your thoughts, with your soul and with your heart! A special someone can just fuel your reservoir to the fullest. The kiddo inside you is dancing with joy and then a waterfall of fairy tales will begin.

Don’t you need a mirror in which you can find yourself, in which you can actually see your heart to her fullest, in which you can be as you were built? Imagine yourself in a park, laying on the grass and seeing your wondering face reflected in the lake. Do you like what you see? Indeed you do, you see yourself! It does not matter what are your thoughts or feelings, in that moment you grow stronger and wish for you to succeed in a happiness journey.

This kind of mirror will not break, even better it will build a strong frame of warmth and love and reflect back to you. What you see it’s what you get.

Then a mirrored soul is your prince.

When wondering around the world, having a glimpse to the others, if you begin to shine into a mirror you will get the „that’s the one” feeling! Then hang your mirror in the kitchen while having coffee, hang it in the bedroom while dreaming of butterflies. You will adore how the mirror is making you to be thankful that it transformed your nights into mornings.

Stop living once upon a time and stop living next week, live today, second by second!

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