Have you ever expected the unexpected?

Obviously not, but the feeling after the appearance of the unexpected is most likely the same to when you buy a Kinder egg, you’re jumping around trying to eat it fast to get the unexpected prize.

How much can you dare yourself onto waiting for the unexpected? Don’t just waste time waiting, it’s not like falling from sky straight to your opened hands.

I didn’t wait, I’ve just started to love myself more than ever, discovering a whirlpool of weird and pleasant feelings hidden from me because of leaning my focus on making other people happy.
I have never thought that a soul is powerful enough to change in such a good way, another soul. I am overwhelmed towards this concept and so happy. It helped me released the kiddo inside me by jumping on the rhythm of your heart beats.
I can’t be thankful enough to this Universe and God, to have a lovely caring soul that can teach wonders, share joyfulness, communicate endless stories and love with such passion.

The way you charge me with such feelings is miraculously wonderful. Being charged I feel more alive and in the vibe of loving like never.
You made me understand the power of words, make me feel like a sweet minion in your mannish hugs but in the same time very cute, you made me to finally feel the taste of love and made my lips to get stuck on a straw sucking love from an bottomless cup.
I love the way I’ve started to write my feelings without the fear of being judged, most importantly to you and virtually on my website.
Every time I leave your house, instantly I get a bit upset which is absurd as I’ve just spend lovely moments with you…I just can’t get enough…

I just felt to let my feelings go alive, as I want to live happy and love and be loved by a beautiful soul.

If you feel it, let no fear into just saying it!
If you love, just love like you never loved before!
If you want it, dare yourself into having it!
If you have it, feel it and love it then you just completed your rainbow and you can enjoy the shine of each color!

Be the result of your own rainbow!

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